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2019 (1)

February (1)

Almost 5 years since my last post: Hi all, well still here and just had another colostomy. All looks good. Still have the bag. Still ca...

2014 (1)

March (1)

been a while: Well folks.....I miss you all. It has been a long time since my last post. My "tempoary Colo bag has...

2011 (1)

February (1)

STILL dealing with Fistula : First of all, hello to all. Its been a while. To get you up to date, cancer surgey in July '10 cau...

2010 (6)

December (1)

NO GO: Well, the surgery on October 1st to repair the fistula did not work. It came back. So on Monday Nov....

October (2)

Back to doc today: Went in for follow up on fistula repair. Need to have this super pubic catheter for another 2 weeks....
well no good on the self heal.: the fistula failed to heal, so on Oct. 1st I went back into the hospital and they cut me in the same...

August (2)

Fistula: Well, something else to have done. This catheter has been in for 6 weeks and now im fighting infecti...
Fistula: Well, its taking a long time for this fistula to heal. Catheter will stay in another 3 weeks. I gues...

July (1)

Rectal cancer: New here, Hello everyone Had surgery july 7th, removed all cancer, no cancer in lymph nodes, stag...

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July 23, 2010

January 21, 1958

Cancer Info

Colon and Rectal Cancer


June 18, 2010

Stage 1

Grade 1




It killed my brother who was 16 and took my mom also.

Early detection is the key




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