STILL dealing with Fistula

First of all, hello to all. Its been a while. To get you up to date, cancer surgey in July '10 caused a fistula. No more cancer for now. I am still dealing with catheters and fistula. I have had 2 procedures recently to try and correct. Outpatient procedure 1. Up through the "fun guy" and tried to fatten the tissue from inside the bladder to slow the leak. Waited 2 weeks for a systogram and it showed that I am still leaking into the colon. I really didnt need a test to tell me that. waited another few weeks and they put me out again to go in through the "fun guy" again and use a fibrin glue of some sort. 2 weeks later another systogram. STILL leaking out the bladder but it may not be connecting to the colon. I am not sure. Feeling something different but keeping the faith. Friday, Put out again to scope my colon, clean, no polyps, no recurring cancer. Still have colo bypass and cant get that changed until this Fistula is GONE. Any one know of any specialist I can contact about Fistulas. Thank you and God Bless. Joe
Monique threw a punch at your cancer.
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I am so sorry to hear you are having trouble with the fistula. You may want to pop over to the ostomy dot org group to see if they may have somebody to recommend to you. I am having my own healing problems and now in the process of being referred to MD Anderson due to my smaller community cannot deal with my chronic pain issues nor the healing issues. I know how frustrated you must be. At least we are both cancer free even if we have to deal with all of the rest of the fun stuff. Take Care, Melinda
Sorry to hear about the frustrating on going issues with the fistula, but look at the bright side and be happy that you are still a cancer survivor. Patience sucks, as you know, but we have to have it if we are going to continue to heal. TJ OD@aT
Joe, Sorry to hear you're still struggling with the fistulas. I hope they can get it fixed- I wish I knew someone to refer you to, but I don't. I'm in the same boat as you right now- waiting and hoping this temporary ileostomy can be reversed sometime this spring. I hope that day comes for both of us soon! Kim
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